Fridge Magnet – Protein, Iron, Calcium Vegan Plant-Based Sources | Simple Happy Kitchen (Protein)

Fridge Magnet – Protein, Iron, Calcium Vegan Plant-Based Sources | Simple Happy Kitchen (Protein)


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“But Where Do You Get Your Protein?!”

Your Go-To Sheet Magnet for a Rich Source of Protein

Are you one of those who get haunted by this dreaded question? We get it! With the help of our Vegan Protein Chart Magnet, you can have instant answers to some related questions that you have yourself or for people who are simply curious about the lifestyle.

We know that food and nutrition information can be overwhelming; research can be time-consuming and taxing as well. In Simple Happy Kitchen, our goal is to simplify often complicated and hard-to-understand research and make it easily accessible using cheerful visuals. With our chart, you now have the knowledge at hand to assist you in your journey.

Educational & Decorative Chart

Some people switching to a plant-based diet are worried about a lack of nutrients. With our magnet, we included 25 rich and plant-based protein sources. Each cute character has its name and the amount of protein printed below it.

The amounts shown are for cooked legumes and grains, making it easier to calculate the required size to eat. The amounts are also sorted from high to low and are offered in easy-to-measure units such as cups and tbsp. for a convenient guide when cooking and planning meals.

Aside from being informative, this Simple Happy Kitchen magnet features various vibrant colors printed in premium quality paper, making it ideal as decoration. It measures 11.69″ x 16.54″ (29.7x42cm) so you can just frame it and hang it in your kitchen, bedroom, or your clinic if you’re a nutritionist or dietician.

Healthier Lifestyle with Easier Ways

A healthy diet and lifestyle don’t have to be complicated. Just like our goal, we want to help you achieve this with fun, light-hearted, and easy-to-understand materials. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and use our Vegan Protein Chart as your instant guide, or wrap it up as a thoughtful gift to help your family and friends as well!
Where to Get Your Protein: We made it simpler so you can have it easier! Our high-protein magnet will help you answer vegan-related questions and make your transition smoother if you’re just starting the lifestyle.
Informative & Animated Chart: Food and nutrition info can be overwhelming, that’s why we created an educational chart that’s both straightforward and readable that even kids will understand!
Master Your Plant-Based Sources: Wherever you are on your journey, these Simple Happy Kitchen magnets can come in handy, especially for food preparations. It’s also sorted from high to low amounts.
Excellent Magnet Quality: Each of our plant-based sources magnets come in quality magnet and print. Its vibrant print design with adorable characters makes it ideal as a decorative magnet for your fridge.
Make Vegan Easy & Fun: Deciding to be healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and use our vegan chart magnet as an instant guide or to help your family and friends transition as well!

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