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Brybelly Holdings

Pool enthusiasts will appreciate this premium set of marbled billiard balls. Made of high-quality polyester resin, this set of 16 pool balls is a great addition to any home game.Made by Felson Billiard Supplies, each ball measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter (regulation size) and weighs 6 ounce..
If you are an avid billiards player, you probably go through a lot of cue balls. After all, it's the first ball to take a hit, so it wears out faster than the rest. This cue ball by Felson Billiard Supplies makes a great replacement so you can get back to the game. Each ball is made..
If you want a more precise shot during your billiards game, or want to eliminate the need for messy chalk, this medium-size billiard glove is the answer. Made from stretchy lycra fabric, this black glove can be worn on the right or left hand. The medium size is universal to both men and ..
If you need assistance with a difficult shot during a billiards game, this moose bridge is the perfect solution. Featuring spaces for nine different angles, this universal piece of equipment is sure to come in handy. Simply slip the bridge over the head of your pool cue and you are good to g..
If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to organize your billiard room, this pool cue wall rack is the solution. Featuring pre-drilled holes designed for storing 12 cues, this rack is a great way to maximize space in even the smallest game rooms. Your cues will stand upright and lo..
Our set of 12 white polyurethane baseballs is perfect for practicing your game- inside or out. Made at regulation size of 7 cm or 2.75 inch diameter, these baseballs won't split or crack. The uniform holes help ensure maximum accuracy. Ideal for training exercises, including use in patc..
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