Christmas Crime Story, A


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    [ad_1] Christmas Crime Story is truly one of those wonderful days that is even nicer than the real holiday. Oh, who are we kidding? This is no holly, jolly Christmas. Instead, it’s a night of murder and chaos caused by the greed and desperation of the twisted citizens of Los Angeles. Tonight, it’s not a question of “Will anyone die on Christmas Eve?” more than “Will anyone live to see Christmas Day?” RANDALL EDWARDS probably can’t remember the last time he had a good day. He’s got a daughter dying of cancer, he’s a recovering alcoholic and he’s about to hit the unemployment line. With no way to escape the inevitable fate which awaits him, he sees a way to turn it all around: all he has to do is rob a liquor store. That is, unless someone else beats him to it… Love is a really tough pill to swallow for JASON HOUSTON who’s madly in love with a girl who may not love him quite the same way. What her love requires is that he steal $3,000 in cash in order to pay off a hired killer. What he doesn’t realize is that the only person he’s found to steal from is one of the nicest people he’ll ever meet, a liquor store clerk. Still, he does the deed, but that results in the clerk being murdered in cold blood. With the cops hot on his trail (as far as he knows), he has to race against the clock in order to deliver the money or else it was all for nothing… SASHA HARRINGTON is your typical twentysomething… except that she’s planning her own fiancée’s murder. Her prize: $4 million. Things are set to go smoothly except, in order to get the ball rolling, she needs to hook a hitman up for $3,000 as a down payment. This would be no problem, but he’s set a very strict deadline. Sasha will do anything it takes in order to make sure the money arrives on time because she has an ace up her sleeve or, rather, a revolver in her purse and no one’s going to stand in her way… Murder wasn’t once a driving force behind DAVID CARLISLE’s life, but his split personality, VINCENT, is trying to take over. Vincent, completely insane and with a twisted sense of humor, convinces David that he should murder his fiancée because she’s sleeping with someone else. While David would like to end things amicably, she forces his hand by drawing a gun on him. Put to a decision between saving himself or killing her, the choice is clear. The only problem is that during his attempted getaway, the police get wind of the crime he’s committed. Battling with his psychotic alternate personality, David faces a clear choice: give up to the police or give in to Vincent’s murderous demands… When a call brings officer CHRIS DEJESUS to a botched liquor store robbery, the situation has already been resolved. Luckily for him, that keeps him on schedule to visit his mother, whom he hasn’t seen in nine years, the owner of a diner, just a few blocks away. The reunion, however, is not so sweet as his mother has decided to move on and completely disown him since he refuses to apologize for mistakes of the past. All it would take to fix everything is a simple apology, but he won’t and hightails it out. After a moment by himself to reflect on his choices, he is about to go back and do the right thing, but a car runs a red light in front of him. From there, the challenge is presented: fix things up with his mother or uphold his duty as a police officer.


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